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Conference Hall design | Conference hall in Tirunelveli | V designers

A conference is a place where a group of people gets together to take some important decision which brings a major impact if it is not planned well.  So a Design of a Meeting room or Conference room must be one which brings an instant clarity mind to the professionals and must help them to deliver their point without any distractions.  Let us some of the Architectural Techniques what we used in our Conference hall in Chennai Project.

First, the Light, The Lighting of Conference Hall must give a Warm Brightness without causing Eye strain and Glare. 

Mirror: The mirror placed in Meeting hall is for absorbing the light and reflects so that it can help to send out the darkness which gives a bright and non-glaring appearance to the Meeting Hall, and creates a fresh mind for the professionals. 

Echo Friendly: When it comes to the Conference Hall, the clarity if Voice is the most important thing.  So that it gets clearer to the Listeners and Easier for the Speaker.  So Installing Acoustic panels is the most essential things, so that it absorbs the Sound and reduce the Echo. Adding area rug on the Bare Floor and Hanging Textiles on the wall also helps in absorbing Sounds in Additional.

Flooring and Cushion Seats: The carpets and rugs add more comfortable to the feet.  The height of the Conference hall table must balance with Conference hall chairs so that it makes the Speaker more Comfortable and just focus on the Discussion.  The Conference hall Furniture Colour is the most important thing, that should match with the Textiles which were used for the Echo absorbers and the lightening level of the Conference Hall

Air Conditioning in Conference Hall: The Air conditioning which is fixed in the Conference hall must be, not too cool and should not cause shivering.  The AC must be placed in the angle which causes a breeze to the speakers and clears their Confusing mind which Makes them a Good Decision Maker.  So that the Temperature will be maintained perfectly.

Though these things look simple when seen alone, lack of any one of the above might reduce the perfection of the Conference hall

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Conference hall in Chennai

Meeting hall in Chennai

Conference hall in Tirunelveli

Meeting hall in Tirunelveli

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