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10 Smart Interior design Tricks to Transform your Home

We the Best Interior Decorators in Tirunelveli Love to share Smart Interior Designing techniques. It is not necessary for you to spend much on your home interior design to look, Royal.  By following some simple tricks, you can make your home, Palace.  Here, the tricks for Royal Transformation of Home

  1. Use Soft Colour Paints to make the small room to look bigger

Even if there is an abundance of sunlight entering inside the room if the Colour shade of Wall is Dark the room looks small and gives as a box feel.  The below image is the best example of this Trick.  Though Space is small, the large window, Light shade color of the wall, and Mirror make the simple room as heaven.  The mirror not only reflects and spreads the light, but also the science behind this is, Optical illusion of space, which makes the room to look bigger.

2. Add Instant light to your Space by using decorative mirrors

Fixing Mirror in walls adds light to the room and makes the room to look, but in addition to that, if you add a decorative mirror to the wall it gives a pleasant feel and it gives you a calm mind in spite of your Mood swings.  You can also make that as your Meditation space, where you can get a lot of air, and proper light which creates makes your mind quiet and fresh

3. Mix up Traditional with Modern

Some people love their space to be Traditional, and some lookout for Modern.  What’s wrong in mixing them both.  There is nothing wrong in Mixing Picasso art and a Traditional Painting that was with you for a long time.  When you keep them both in the same place it becomes an Art.  Many of us have some sentimental Furniture or other stuff which we love to keep with us forever, Grandfather Chair or any other thing.  When you mix up them, it tells about your past and present and simultaneously tells your personality and how you value people.

4. Simple Trick with Slipcover to get a Sophisticated Look

Slipcovers are an easy trick of hanging your Furniture look, for different Seasons.  This helps you to escape from Constant worry for cleaning the dirt on your Furniture.  Above all, if you use a white slipcover, that gives you an elegant look

5. Wicker Baskets

They are Economical and Elegant way of adding storage to Room space.  The Wicker Baskets can be used to store books, magazines, Towels, and Blankets.  Place some wicker baskets on the Counter-tops of your kitchen room to give Pleasant Showcase of Fruit and Vegetables

6. Use the Existing Things to Decorate

Take a look at what you already have instead of running out to the stores.  We all have stored accessories which we have stored in a box a long time back.  Review those things, who knows you may find many perfect matching showcasing things.  Plates can be hung on to the walls to create a prefect wall art.  Art which is in the Children Nursery Books can be framed and hanged on the kid’s room.  You will be amazed at the outputs.

7. Optimizing the Space

Fixing Cupboard where it is necessary.  When this is done you can optimize a lot of space.  Instead of Worrying about the lack of space, you can store whatever you want.  Hanging a pot holder in your kitchen gives you a pleasant look.  Because we spend most of the time inside the kitchen in the name of cooking and Dining.  When Space is pleasant your mind will always be fresh and Positive.

8. Add Greens to you Space

Go green by planting trees in your space.  Plants are the best and Cheap accessories that add texture and color to your space.  Not only it helps you in accessorizing but also helps in maintaining the Humidity and keeps the air cool and clean by absorbing Contaminated pollutants in the air. 

9. Paint your Bookcases and Cupboard

This is the easiest method to boost and energize the Appearance of the room.  This must be the most inexpensive way of transforming your room and gives a royal look.  The Colour in Unexpected things always energizes their looks.  You can paint in Kids Furnitures, Fireplace mantels, ceilings, etc.

10. Use Area Rugs to Soften Hardwood Floors

Rugs add Colour, Texture, and personality to your Living space.  Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and not as comfortable as Carpeted Floors.  Using different rugs with different patterns for various seasons gives you a fresh mind.  Using Warm colors in Cool-season and lighter ones for Warmer days gives the best experience.  There are many soft cotton rugs which are also ideal for children.

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